Inchun Shon CEO of Insung Bio

Inchun Shon


Thank you for visiting Insung Bio. We appreciate the love you have given us to Insung Natural over the years and now we are coming to you as Insung Bio. Our company started with my acupuncturist father's know-how to create healthier body. Our products have been approved by the FDA and our branches have been expanding to the world. Through your love and care I was able to take a seat in the congress. Now I am back to the company as a business woman and I will give all my efforts to making Insung Bio into a even more successful global business to provide better health for all. 

insungbio insung bio indai shon executive

Indai Dustin Shon

President of US Headquarter 

We are dedicated to providing quality products for your quality life. Our offices are always open and I can confidently recommend our product because I believe in them. 

insung bio insungbio marketing executive

Erica Eunji Carry

Marketing Director of US Headquarter

Insung Bio is a company I grew up with and I have years of experience using the products. I have seen how the products are made and how much thought and research is included in every single product. I am privileged to work with such wonderful people and to work at a company that believe in what they produce. I also love the environment of the company. It did start as a family business and that culture is still ingrained as the company expanded. It is a pleasure to work here.