All these products are in Korean how can I know what's in them

All the products are have English translation of all the ingredients. They are also FDA approved. All our products are imported straight from South Korea and they are held up to the highest quality. 

How do I know how much is in each product?

The amount of each product (capsules per bottle or the weight of the product) can be seen once the product is in the cart. From my cart you can view the amount each product contains. 

What is your shipping policy?

Standard shipping is 3-5 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.  

How much is shipping? 

Shipping for all our products is free. This is a small way of saying thank you to our customers. 

Can I buy these products in person?

We have various branches all over the nation. You can visit them to purchase the products in person. You can also get free consultations from these offices. 

Do you have a Korean website?

Yes, we do. You can visit it at isn21.com

How do I buy wholesale?

Wholesale orders can be arranged after a consultation through the office. Please see the contact page to get in touch with our office. 

Got any other questions?

For further questions, please contact us through the contact page. We love to hear from you.